Mr Loo Services

We cater for temporary toilet facilities & mobile toilets for hire.

We specialise in mobile toilets for hire.

We have a portable toilets designed for your specific needs, if you are looking for luxury toilet hire for your guests we offer rental units with ceramic fittings, soap dispensers and fresh water to compact units ideal for building sites, Mr.Loo Toilet Hire can provide you with the most appropriate toilet rental.

With a service plan available to keep your rented mobile toilet clean and hygienic, Mr Loo Toilet Hire also keeps an eye on their portable toilet rental cost. Offering competitive portable toilet rental prices, clients can hire toilets for their specific time frame.

In addition, we offer additional Portable Showers, Security Guard Huts, Paraplegic Units, Site Huts, Septic Tank Systems ,Toilet Paper, Toilet Chemicals and Sanitary supplies where required. All in all, Mr.Loo Toilet Hire offers a complete temporary sanitary supply solution.

Durable and designed for all weather conditions, Mr.Loo Toilet Hire mobile toilets offer privacy and convenience, ensuring your site staff or event guests are suitably catered for. Specializing in mobile toilet rentals, we are the industry leaders and constantly seek innovative ways to improve their products and services while keeping your best interests at the forefront of service to their clients.

Do you need to cater for temporary toilet facilities?

Are you looking to provide toilet needs of location workers or large amounts of guests at your event? Without comparison, mobile toilets offer superior convenience and environmentally hygienic. Mr.Loo Toilet Hire, are the specialists in mobile toilet hiring.

Building sites and other locations where toilet facilities may not be available require workers to be on location for extended periods. In such situations facilities are unavailable and may contribute to under performance as well as hygiene and health issues. Other sites where sewage services may not be present will need an adequate toilet. Mobile toilet rental offers a temporary solution to such situations.

Mobile toilets are manufactured from moulded high density polyethylene to provide adequate privacy and shelter from the outdoor elements. Designed for temporary use, requiring no external plumbing or connection to a sewage disposal network, these mobile toilets are easily transported to a variety of sites where they are required.

Lightweight and durable in construction, the toilets for hire from Mr.Loo Toilet Hire are ideal for all climates and weather conditions.

If you are arranging an event and are expecting to receive a large number of attendees, you will most certainly need to provide mobile toilet facilities in order to make your event the success you anticipate. Ideal for large functions, concerts and construction sites, mobile toilet rental from Mr.Loo Toilet Hire is your best solution.

Flexible toilet rental options to suit your private or commercial hire needs.

Mr.Loo Toilet Hire offers you the choice of short term or long term toilet rental. From one day, weekly or monthly rental periods; Mr.Loo Toilet Hire can tailor a rental package to suit your individual needs. When hiring mobile toilets on a monthly basis, we can service your toilets daily, weekly, fortnightly basics, depending on the usage.

Adding to the convenience of renting mobile toilets, Mr.Loo Toilet Hire will deliver your hired units and will collect them again once your rental period is complete. We will deliver your mobile toilets practically anywhere so you need not worry about catering for the needs of your site staff or visitors.